The Offce of the Defender will strengthen its capacities in the field of consumers’ rights protection: A Project with Bulgaria was launched

The Offce of the Defender will strengthen its capacities in the field of consumers’ rights protection: A Project with Bulgaria was launched

The Human Rights Defender’s Office of Armenia with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Armenia will strengthen its capacities in the field of consumers’ rights protection. In the framework of jointly launched Project, it is envisaged to prepare and broadcast informative TV programmes, to organize mutual visits, seminars and discussions, conference and other activities for strenghteneing the capacities and raising public awareness.


Today, on April 13, during the Project launching event the RA Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan highlighted the importance of Bulgaria's experience in the field consumers' rights protection and noted that its study and localization would help to improve the sphere.


“Within our new mandate, we are enpowered to consider the complaints against the violations of human rights and freedoms by organization operating in the field of public service in cases, when there is an information about mass violations, and in the cases of individual complains we mainly transfer it to the competent authority - Public Service Regulatory Commission. In this regard we have successful cooperation and many positive results”, said Arman Tatoyan.


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republis of Armenia H.E. Ms. Maria Pavlova Tzotzorkova, expressed hope that the Project will give its positive outcomes in capacity-building of the Human Rights Defender’s Office in the sphere of consumers’ rights protection.


“We are happy that Bulgaria has started its development cooperation program with Armenia in the period of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. In selecting our projects we tried to identify areas, which are in line with the EU-Armenia Joint partnership priorities where our assistance will make a real difference for the Armenian people”, mentioned Maria Pavlova Tzotzorkova.


The Acting Head of the European Union Delegation to Armenia Ekaterina Dorodnova stressed the importance of the project for improving the sphere and highlighted the importance of enhanced capacity to effectively cooperate with the public sector, international institutions and state bodies within the framework of the new powers of the Defender.


On behalf of the EU Delegation she expressed support for the activities of the Human Rights Defender and thanked Bulgaria for its decision to support this valuable project.


Member of the Public Services Regulatory Commission Armen Baghdasaryan noted that a working group was established with representatives of the Defender's Office, which periodically discusses the issues raised by the public in the areas of water, electricity and gas supply.


“The Defender's Office has also been suggested to consider the normative legal acts, adopted by the Commission from the human rights perspectives and, if necessary, submit recommendations for making amendments", informed Armen Baghdasaryan.


The Human Rights Defender underlined the importance of joint work of NGOs, state bodies and media in this field for the purpose of reaching the result. By the end of the Project, the Defender will publish an ad hoc report, analyzing the legislation on consumers’ rights, the challenges of its practical implementation and certain recommendations will be presented to solve them.