Children’s Rights beyond the Bars: A Practical Guide to Monitoring is Published

Children’s Rights beyond the Bars: A Practical Guide to Monitoring is Published

On September 11, the Armenian version of the practical guide to "Monitoring Places where Children Are Deprived of Liberty " was presented at the initiative of the Human Rights Defender.  The guide aims to improve the conditions of keeping the children, deprived of their liberty, by providing the monitoring professionals with practical tools.


During the event, the RA Human Rights Defender Dr. Arman Tatoyan, the UNICEF Representative in Armenia Mrs. Tanja Radocaj, and the Representative of the EU Delegation to Armenia Mr. David Avagyan made an opening speech.


In the opening speech, Dr. Tatoyan said: “This guide can be used to conduct monitoring activities not only in the places of deprivation of liberty, but also in orphanages and other child care institutions. It is essential to master the skills in holding private talks with children, building trust with the minor, etc.”


Through video call, the Director of Defense for Children International in Belgium, Benoit Van Keirsbilck, expressed his gratitude to the Human Rights Defender for assisting the adaptation of the practical guide.


The Armenian adapted version is designed for professionals, who have the right to monitor or visit children in the places of deprivation of liberty as prescribed by law, by their mandate or by a special agreement.  The guide is also intended for executives, administrative staff and employees at the places where children are deprived of liberty.


The practical guide to " Monitoring Places where Children are Deprived of Liberty" will be provided to penitentiary institutions, institutions providing care and protection to children, as well as to non-governmental organizations in the field.