Statement on the events occurring in Yerevan

Statement on the events occurring in Yerevan

1) From the very beginning of demonstrations in Yerevan, the RA Human RIghts Defender's Office has attentively followed the process.


An emergency schedule has been set up, working groups have been created,  which, based on their professional direction, carry out 24-hour monitoring of the demonstrations, conduct visits related to the facts of isolation of participants of demonstrations by police, as well as monitor media publications and social networks.


 2) It is important to note that during the demonstration the organizers and participants should act guided by the principle of refraining inproper restrictions of others' rights.


3) Today, the Defender's Office collected and analyzed the facts on the use of special means by the Police during the demonstration, publications on them, as well as cases, directly recorded by the Defender's representatives at the place.


Based on this information, a separate discussion procedure has been initiated. All materials in the possession of the Defender's Office will be sent to the Prosecutor's Office for the purpose of carrying out verification activities. In this regard there is an urgent necessity to start a legal procedure.


 4) Information on injuries among the participants of the assembly and police is of particular concern. They should be examined in strict compliance with the relevant international rules.


An incident between protesters and citizens dissatisfied with their actions at the crossroads of Koryun-Heratsi Street in Yerevan is also a concern. In this regard, we expect clarifications by the Police.


5) We attach particular importance to constant calls and exhortation of NikolPashinyan, Parliamentarian of the National Assembly and other figures having speeches during the demonstrations to refrain from violence and maintain the peaceful nature of the demonstrations. Such calls are also important in that the examination of many posts and comments of some social network users revealed hate speech and incitement to violence.



6) Nowadays normal operation of media is also essential. Hence, the Defender’s Office pays separate attention to the unhindered professional activities of journalists. For that reason, a separate monitoring is carried out. Today the information about the injury of an operator and the damage of equipment of electronic media will also be sent to law enforcement bodies with the request for appropriate examination.


7) In their turn, competent state bodies should provide continuous information to the public on their activities regarding the demonstrations, facts about the injuries of participants and measures taken to verify them.

Information received from official sources is an important guarantee to avoid from dissemination of not credible information and possible alarming situations following such information. This is essential in terms of public confidence thereto.