The Human Rights Defender's Message on World Mental Health Day

The Human Rights Defender's Message on World Mental Health Day

Today, on October 10, the international community marks the World Mental Health Day.


There are a number of systemic issues in our country in the field of ensuring the rights of people with mental health problems. Those are sensitive issues as they relate to the persons who usually cannot voice their concerns, and cases of their rights being infringed or neglected.


Unfortunately, people with mental health problems are extremely vulnerable in every society.  They often experience social isolation and are stigmatized.


It is crucial to support people with mental health problems so that they will be able to achieve their own aspirations and goals. And, it is necessary to promote equal working opportunities for them, contribute to their rehabilitation, and prevent their social isolation and stigmatization.


The discussion of complaints by the Human Rights Defender and the monitoring of psychiatric institutions have revealed several issues, such as the absence of community-based services, improper administration and supervision, legislative shortcomings, etc. The systematic work of competent bodies is missing in the field of psychiatric treatment from the point of view of clear separation of functions between bodies, proper supervision and interdependent work on certain issues.


Unfortunately, the work of mental health professionals is not appreciated. Poor working conditions and social guarantees for medical staff of psychiatric institutions directly affect the

Consequently, the primary focus of mental health protection system needs to be the formation and development of an alternative system for care and the delivery of social services.


 Arman Tatoyan

The Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia