The HRDO submitted 11 amicus briefs: the abstracts are published in Armenian and English

The HRDO submitted 11 amicus briefs: the abstracts are published in Armenian and English

During the past 9 months, the Human Rights Defender submitted 11 amicus briefs to the Constitutional Court with regard to the cases accepted for proceeding.


Based on the cooperation with the Constitutional Court, all applications with regard to the issue of challenging the constitutionality are presented to the Defender and amicus briefs are submitted thereof.


Amicus briefs present the opinion of the Human Rights Defender concerning the issue. They include the analyzes of rights and freedoms as a result of consideration of individual complaints and monitoring, as well as international principles and standards on constitutionality of the concrete issue. 


In the framework of submitting the amicus briefs the matter of uniform application of procedural terms, lack of regulations for correcting the shortcomings while appealing to the Court of Appeal in the framework of criminal proceeding, servicemen right to receive monetary compensation for all unused vacations in case of dismissal from the work or military service and other issues were examined.


The Human Rights Defender has always valued the opinions stated in the decisions of the Constitutional Court that are essential guarantees for human rights and freedoms protection and improvement of legislation.


As a reminder, earlier the Human Rights Defender and the Office of the Constitutional Court jointly prepared draft laws aimed at executing the decisions of the Constitutional Court, the package of drafts and the justifications were presented to the official circulation among competent state bodies, human rights based NGOs and RA Chamber of Advocates.


The abstracts of the amicus briefs find here: Armenian and English